Small Stable Style

Currently obsessing with the idea that I might have my own barn at my own home someday. Having that said, I don’t want anything too big, 3 stalls max (I’m not really interested of having more than 2 horses at all, but someday I might think about buying some project horses to sell on, or maybe accepting some youngsters to break in, and you know 1 or 2 more doesn’t hurt), but I really want it to be super pretty and simple looking. I have been strolling around pinterest searching for some inspo, you know the drill, and thought I would share some of my favorites. If you are curious to know about the source of the pictures, just click on them.

This one has everything I want, a wash, the stalls (of course), the tack/feed room and a space for hay. The color is also pretty.

This one I  just love the simple touch of the flower vases and how that completely transforms the look of it. Such a simple touch that makes such a big difference. I like the green and stone combo but I’d like to stay on more of a nude color range.

I love the idea of creating a corridor. I’d love to have something shaped like this, with a 1st floor so that I could store hay above each stall. But I’d like to stay open on both ends like this one above. Like a hallway to the arena (aka heaven).


Last but not least, I picked this one for the color scheme. I love the super dark-almost black brown and the white walls. Those are the types of doors I would like, something open, not like the ones they are in now.


So, what do you think? Would you build your own stables at home if you had the chance?

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