Christmas gift guide

First things first, I apologize for my absence, if it makes you feel any better (I think it won’t), I haven’t ridden since pretty much my last post. Summarizing it, my arena is completely wrecked and is in desperate need of a makeover, the machine that makes the floor somehow ok’ish to ride is broken so yeah, my top gift on my Christmas list is to ride again, honestly. But don’t worry the baby’s are still being set loose and being happy, they just aren’t on their top form right now.

Excuses aside, and hoping you have much better luck than me, see bellow some suggestions I have for your Christmas presents!
Be advised, I recently acknowledge my favorite color is actually grey, so yeah, expect a lot of it.

Let’s start with the best! Look at this jacket, I’m in love. If only I could wear grey to dressage shows (here in Portugal we can only wear either black or dark blue, is it the same where you live?).

You can find this jacket here.

I already decided I need a pair of these breeches! They are completely wet-proof and very warm, find them here.

This helmet also caught my eye for quite some time now, find it here.
I  just love this rug, find it here.
And last, but not least…
I’m in love with this bridle, and it’s not even that expensive (79€ only). I already have a bridle from hooks and the leather is just so soft and awesome. Find this bridle here.
So tell me, will you add any of these to your Christmas wishlist? 

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