How to overcome the fear of failure

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m very fearful of failure, at least I can now do it.
For a very long time I thought that if I didn’t think about the things that sting my soul, they would never bother me. But that was never true.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but some days I’m so overwhelmed with fear that I don’t even feel like riding, I just want to spend time with them and that’s it. And that’s not bad at all I guess, it grows your bond. But I always had very high hopes regarding the things I would achieve, and as the years go by I can’t help but feel that I might never get the things I really wanted.

I don’t want in any way to make you think about these sort of thing but I do think it’s better to acknowledge these things to later be able to face them in the eye.
Here are some things that help me when I feel that way:

1- Take some deep breaths.
Nothing better to relief our chest of that pressure that lingers around our heart.

2- Visualize your goals, make them reachable.
If I’m feeling overwhelmed I like to re-arrange my goals. For example, my ultimate goal this year was going to the nationals; but since I’m not feeling the greatest I’ll make a goal for today: I know I need to solidify my halts and half passes for example, so I’ll focus my training there today.

3- Face failure as an option.
Be down to earth, look failure in the eye and tell him you know that there’s a chance he might win, but you won’t give up even if it happens

4- Remember that it is better to fear it than to regret it.
You don’t want to be in bed in 5 years from now and think: ”What if…”

5-“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”
This one speaks for itself.

I don’t want to upset any of you with this post, I just think it’s important to talk about this sort of things. No one is alone in this.
Remember, fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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  1. I love this Renata, and it's something that I deal with often. In fact, in goes hand in hand with the book I'm writing. My life quote is "Let your passion be greater than your fear". For too many years I let me fear of failure stand in my way. It wasn't until recently that I decided it's better to take a chance and try or I will never succeed.

  2. "Look failure in the eye and tell him you know that there's a chance he might win, but you won't give up even if it happens" This is my favourite, it works well for me!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I think I have been "too afraid" of failure to even have it as an option. But failing only tells us to keep going! And my little horse has taught me so much about never giving up.

  4. It's those hard times that tells us who really has that passion as perseverance to keep going even when everything else is going wrong.
    Never forget that if you fail and you still keep going, than you are doing better than most <3

  5. This post is a fresh breath of honesty, sometimes especially as equestrians we worry more about our horses mentality than our own! i really enjoyed reading this!!

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