How I clean my saddle/bridle for shows

Thought it would be nice to do a little tutorial showing you how I clean my tack for shows.
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1- Take the stirrups off and put them in the bucket filled with water.
2- Wash everything with the leather soap first. Always clean underneath the saddle also!
3- While the soap dries, scrub the stirrups with the brush and wash the dirt off.
4- Finally wax everything up, except underneath the saddle. I don’t put wax underneath because I find it gets just way to slippery.
5- For the bridle, detach everything up and repeat the steps from 2 to 4. Always wash the bit in clean water.

Hope you find this video useful. I don’t usually wax my saddle everyday, maybe once a month more or less, but the bridle I do just to keep it as soft as possible for the horse.

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