Fouganza new SS2017 Collection

Hi guys, I hope you’ve been feeling well.

We haven’t spoken in a while, between my crazy work schedule and my college work I haven’t found much time to ride, let alone write, I’m so sorry. I hope you forgive me 😋
Hopefully, since my last exame of the semester is today I’ll find some more time to do this thing.
Let’s jump right into business then!

This week I bring you some items from the new Fouganza collection that I fell in love with! I’m really loving the brand at the moment, and no, it’s not because I work at Decathlon, I just really think they’ve been listening to riders and have been continuously improving their tack overall, not just quality, but also design.
I think this is the brand for everyone who wants to ride stylish, but doesn’t want to spend an entire pay check doing so.

 Available in burgundy and black also.
Available in burgundy and black also

I need to get my hands in one of these!!~~ ahn ahn get it get it- get my hands in these. haha

Something tells me my boys will be very spoiled this summer.

Only 24.99€!! Great value, I think I’ll buy one of these and then I’ll review them here for you guys!

Besides being gorgeous, these socks have little grippy silicone dots for when you feel too tired to get you boots on your feet!!

And last but not least, look at this freaking briddle. LOOK AT IT.

As always guys, click the photos if you want to know where to get these products.
Also have your eyes open for the sale deals!!

TTYL, kisses.

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