My Santa letter

Hi Santa, my name is Renata and I think I’ve been a very good girl this year. I worked a lot, and I’ve been very good in school. so I think you should reward me.

Mr. Claus, all I want this year is more time, nothing more, nothing less.
I’ve been so focused on work and school that I’ve almost forgot my dreams and aspirations for a while. All I ever wanted was to ride.
Now I know that not everyone can get what they want. And I probably don’t even deserve to be the best, I’m definitely not it right now, or ever was. But all I want to is to have time to improve and maybe try and be it.
Could you please just try and grant me this tiny little wish?

Ps.: I know the stock on time is low this year, so if you don’t know what to give instead of it, I’ll share with you bellow some stuff I want other that that. (haha)

I’m in love with these boots, I found this brand last week while I was browsing through instagram.
I think a drop bridle will be a game changer for Capiton.
A new dressage saddlepad.
….and another…

And yet another!

Fouganza full seat breeches.

Saved the best for last! Honestly Equiline and Animo show jackets are life.

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