Golegã Fair 2016

For those who don’t know Golegã is considered to be Portugal Lusitano horse capital.
For at least two times a year this city lights up and brings together horse people (and some non-horse also to be honest) from all around Portugal, and the world, those times are ”Expo-Égua” and this one I went to yesterday that’s the National Horse Fair.

This weekends competition consisted more of Jumping, and Trec.
It was my first time going there after they moved the jumping to another barn. Let me tell you, the fair was pretty much dead, and I got super sad as I haven’t gone there in almost 4 years, and all I saw were a handful of underfed, dehydrated horses.

I usually go in the last weekend because of the working equitation classes and horseball, and usually there are a lot more breeders there and it’s actually a good opportunity for me and my dad to choose stallions for our broodmares, but this year was just sad.

After around 4pm we started seeing some more horses walking around, but as I said before they were either over-worked, underfed, de-hydrated, or even worse, a combination of those 3.
One thing I did like seeing was that there where a lot more people wearing the Portuguese riding ”costume”, but still, with the horses on those conditions well, they should be riding there own legs instead.
I’m sad I can’t go there next weekend for comparing reasons, but I can’t get another weekend off work unfortunately. I hope it gets better though,

Next year I’ll have to go there in the last weekend if I want to see good Lusitano horses I guess, because as far as what’s considered the LUSITANO fair, I didn’t really see any of them yesterday.

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