Changing Barns

Hi guys, in a previous blog I’ve told you that my horses moved, so here is the more in depth reason.

Basically, since this year I’ve entered college again, combining it with my work, my schedule was getting a little tight, to say the least! So I wasn’t being able to work all horses everyday, and I didn’t think that was fair to the barn owners.
Because of that I have moved my horses home again, and so far I’ve been able to combine all my tasks perfectly.

My conditions are not nearly ideal, but I cannot complain as I have more than most. I try not to complain about my reality but instead, make the most of it. You already know me. I’m not the type to beat myself up just because I don’t have the perfect boots or arena, or whatever. Instead I try to work around it. And as long as I am happy and my horses willing to work with me, everything will turn out just fine.

The barn itself is still pretty much under construction. Once it’s built I can make some sort of ”barn tour” or ”tack room tour” if you’re interested, The arena also still needs some work as I want to make some kind of fencing around it. So I’ll show you that too once it’s finished.

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