15 Facts About Capiton

I think it would be funny too tell you some fun and possibly unknown facts about my favorite baby boy ever.
So without any more further or due here are 15 facts about El Capiton:
1) He loves kisses on his cheek, like LOVES. To the point where if I’m in his stall he is always sticking his head up against mine.
2) It took me about 3 days to start riding him. That’s how much I trusted him then, imagine how it grew through the years.
3) He is about 1.65 m tall.
4)You all know that he can move but maybe you don’t know that he can jump too!

Like, really jump.

5) His favorite treats are the red fruit flavored ones. But he loves basically everything I’m eating in front of him haha.

6) He was the first male foal to be born at our place, and our second ever.

7) He is very spoiled. To a point where he needs to be the first one to receive kisses when I arrive.

8) He always neighs when I get to the barn. He also knows the sound my car makes, and can distinguish it from others.

9) He is good, but he also can be very very bad. Specially when we are at shows. BAD CAPI. But oh well, that’s a stallions life.

10) We are pretty sure he was a unicorn that got his horn off his head somehow. I mean, at least it sure looks like it :P.


11) He already got 2 colic’s :'(

12) He is the absolute MASTER when it come to losing shoes. I could be crazy rich right now haha. (He lost another one yesterday.)

13) He knows he’s hot.

14) He is a very good boy, but very hard to ride. He’s very hot tempered, and does not like to flex. I always need to maintain my calm and ride him very smoothly yet alert, as I can be in the ground sooner than expected hahaha.

15) I got into dressage because of him (thank you Capi).


A 15 facts about Gabi will be up shortly!

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