Competition results!

Hi guys, sorry for the absence but I’m having one of those crazy schedules… I went to 2 shows and I couldn’t be happier with the horses, placed in every class with the worst placing being a 5th.
So Capiton brought: a 5th, three 2nds and two 3rd places;
Forcado: two 2nds and a 3rd if my memory doesn’t fail me;
And my baby boy Imperium (Gaby) brought a 2nd place in the in hand show, his first time ever, super super proud of my boys!!

If you work hard enough everything can and will be achieved!

Bellow there’s a video and some photos from the show taken by Ana Marta Loura.
(In the video, the worst quality ones are Forcado and the others, Capiton.)

Gaby posing.


Capiton getting some love for being such a good boy!


Forcado showing how it’s done!

(Yes black and white much lol, bear it haha.)

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