Jumping exercises for dressage

Hi again guys, I hope you are all doing fine. Today I bring you some of my favorite jumping exercises that will improve your dressage.

I like to do some of these to break routine so that my horses don’t get too bored (and me too). Since I’m not at a big level dressage I get a bit stuck sometimes, riding green horses doesn’t help a lot too, but I love them nonetheless.
I find these exercises really helpful and fun, I usually try and put transitions in between them to get my horses listening, and also I find this really helpful for bending and lead changes training, Usually I vary in height but I don’t go higher than 80 cm more or less.

Doing trot cavalletti lines are also so much fun, and it makes them work their hind legs so much! I like to do lines with at least 5 cavalletti.


Also, to make all work fun, I usually do some loose jumping with them. They always enjoy it, get’s their backs less tense and it also

helps with keeping the bravery levels high! I know some horses that are just so terrified of poles and everything around them and I find this a super simple way to make them less sensitive tho their surroundings.

Tell me what are your favorite exercises! Have you already any of these? I never did the ”bending bounces massacre”, the name kinda scares me, haha!

Have a great week!


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