Gorgeous Barcelona

Why hello there, better late than ever is my motto guys. bare with me.

I will start by disclaiming now that this isn’t a horse blog today, so beware.
Last month I went to Barcelona, the weather was awful but I still enjoyed the city.
I went with my boyfriend, gut up by 3 AM, longest day of my life. got there around 10 and then we just explored for 2 days.
We just walked everywhere, as we really wanted to connect with the city, and let me tell you, it has nothing to do with what I’m used to. There were so many shops and people in general it was a bit of a cultural shock but I loved it!
Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the Park Guell, so we will definitely come back in a few years, for sure!
It’s definitely a big city, but you should go there at least once in your lifetime, the vibes and architecture is just breathtaking!









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