The underdog

To be the underdog.
The struggles, oh the struggles.
Although I’ve been riding for 15 years and only been riding alone for 2, I’ve always felt the one at the disadvantage. Why, you ask me?
Well, I’m not from a horsey family for starters, horses started with me (and I hope it doesn’t end with me).
I’ve also never had the oportunity to compete much or have the horses that could make me go to the upper levels quickly. And every time I got into the ring I just thought ”I can’t loose this chance, I got to make this count”. I never took it for granted.
It wasn’t always good of course, my mind wasn’t always good I mean. There we’re times, in the first years, where it got to me. How could I possibly beat them. How could I get to their level if I’m not given the same chances?!
And for all the time I though like that I was never good enough, not for me, not for anyone. And for that time I really was the underdog. And not the one that unexpectedly beats everyone and causes the crowd to go wild. No, I was the one that expectantly lost.
Until one day, I though to myself, ”well if I want to go anywhere at all in this world, it needs to start with me. I can’t beat myself up and think I’m no good and then expect other to think I’m the best”. So, I changed, and then, the results changed.
I’m still the underdog, I know it. I mean, it’s obvious if I’m at a competition I’m sure I’m not the one that’s expected to win, but now I actually do most of the times (and no I’m not being cocky, I’m just aware of my worth as you should also be).
So, slowly but surely I know I’m gonna get to where I’ve always dreamed. I’m just gonna take a little longer than everyone else, and that’s okay too.
I hope that if you are in the situation where I once was when I started, that this text at least makes you think twice when you enter that ring again.

You can do it, but only if you believe you can.




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