To be an Equestrian.

To be an Equestrian by definition means, (n.)One who rides a horse or performs on horseback”. How easy would that be, am I right?
Being called an Equestrian means much more than that, or at least it should. 
It’s not just about performing or just riding. What about the long hours of training behind every performance? Is it not being an Equestrian about also that? And the mucking, the cleaning, the treating, the playing?
The everlasting so called easy sport, to me is the most complete sport and partnership ever created. I could not separate myself from the relationship I have with my horses, that’s why selling one always makes me feel as if I’m loosing part of myself. How could someone sell the creature that made them sane for so long?

If we make the calculations I have probably spent more time with horses, in the almost 15 years I’ve been riding, than with some close friends and family. And you know what? I seriously don’t care. I would do it all again.
I may probably never be a Penélope or a Charlotte, and it’s fine. I’m me. I’m Renata.
I’m here, enjoying the moment, loving my best friends.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a very prominent competition bone standing out, always whispering in my hear to be the best, and I try. God I try. But even there, my horse is always first. I cannot put myself first ever, I won’t, I refuse it.
Bottom line is, in the last few years it’s becoming more and more clear that most people once they start competing they forget why they started riding. Why did you?
I try to remember myself of that when I feel more lost or I loose confidence. If you ride because you love it, and you ride because you love everything, and I my EVERYTHING about it, then one way or another you will always succeed, even if you don’t win.

To be an Equestian does not mean ”the one who rides or performs on a horse”, it means ”the one who loves, cherishes and conquers the horse. The one who wants their company rather than humans. The ones who puts themselfs last, and the horses first. The one who doens’t give up on the horse because he’s to dificcult, the one who addapts to its condition.”.

I see a lot of riders nowadays, but very few equestrians.

Oh, and to make this post a little less boring here’s the last video I made, that is currently passing on the TV at Decathlon Aveiro.


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