The family

I’ve come to the realization that I never really shown you the entire horse gang I own (lol), so why not today?
So basicaly you know El Capiton and you know Zamour, so let me present you the rest of the family:

Imperium do Baixo Vouga ( aka my diamond in the rough), rising 3 y/o Lusitano stallion that I love with every cell of my body, this one will be special, remember my words.
You will start seeing more of him later this year, I’m planing to start his training around May,

Fagulha D’Atela (rising 6y/o), the wonder mare, She’s a daughter of ┬áSoberano D’Atela so you know this one is a good one, I started breaking her in last year and already rode her once, but after a few complications of schedule I had to delay her training, so expect to see more of her also this year. She’s going to be used as a breeding mare more though.

Xara, my first horse, rising 13 y/o and currently for sale. It saddens me very much that I’ll have to say goodbye to her, but I can’t keep them all, and I already have plenty. Oh well.

Tafeta, 17 y/o Lusitano breeding mare, I got her 2 years ago. She has really good bloodlines but was never really ridden witch is a shame, oh well.
She’s the one on the back. The one in the front is Jasmin do Baixo Vouga, that we already sold but is her daughter.

– And last but not least ”the mascot”, Andorinha the sweatest freaking pony you’ll ever meet. I have had her since she was 1, such a long time, she’s already 12. As you can see in the picture bellow she’s mostly used as a hanger haha.


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