Since I’m being sponsored by Decathlon Aveiro, I thought that one of my many duties is to actually give my honest opinion about the products I’m using!
I’ll start by saying I would never be an ambassador to a brand I didn’t believe in, and with Fouganza although you don’t get the best quality products that the equestrian industry has to offer, you do get the best values in coordination with the quality of the product.
I’ll probably make a reviewing series of posts, because I do have a lot of products! I’m trying to think of a cool title for them, so if you have a good suggestion make sure you write it down bellow in the comment section!

So for the first ‘episode’ I’m reviewing the Drying Sheet (24.95€), which is actually an innovation product in Decathlon.


It’s made out of a microfiber knit that absorbs more water than the typical polar sheets everyone seems to use (at least here in Portugal). The description in the website says it absorbs up to 4 times it’s weight in water, and that’s kind of impressive to me.
It’s also very lightweight and easy to fold.
After you used it you can let it air dry and it’s also pretty fast to do so.

The biggest disadvantage of this product to me is that it’s a bit fragile, I haven’t had any problems so far and I’ve been using it almost everyday for the past month, but my horse is typically good with rugs, he doesn’t bite or scratch himself, so maybe that’s why. I think that if you have a horse that might bite it you should keep an eye on him while he wears it, or maybe keep him secured while drying and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Bottom Line is if you need your horse to dry quickly but you also don’t what to sent a tone of money, you should totally invest in this sheet. And if your horse tends to tear up rugs, then just keep a close eye while he is drying.


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