Competition Weekend – CDE EPADRV 2015

Hi there guys,
I had so much fun this weekend, and I feel so pumped to go up some levels. Capiton behaved better than usual, he had his moments as he always does, but by the end of the warm up he was as ready as me, and that gave me all the confidence I needed.
Saturday I got 1st place in the P1 with 65,82% and second on Sunday in the P3 with 62%. Off course we have a lot to work on, but I feel as ready as ever, and I know he does too.
Below I share with you some photos by Ana Marta, as per usual. She is still editing most of them, I’ll probably post some more in here another day, tell me if you’re interested in that.
Hope you enjoy them, and how was your weekend, did you compete?
I also wanted to mention how well people treated me there, me and Capiton felt very welcome and are very thankful for that.




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