Update and big announcement

Hi guys, yeah yeah, long time no see. I’m such an awful awful blogger, so sorry.
Moving on from the excuses I could make, I’ll give you guys an update of what going on, and lastly I’ll give a very very exciting announcement.

I’ve been riding and working non stop lately, that’s just that. The shows I was planning to go were either canceled, post-pone or I simply couldn’t go, so that’s that too.
I swear I will try to keep a more organized schedule, blog wise.

As you may or may not know I work part-time in a sport store, that many of you may know, ”Decathlon”, And I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by them. I’m very excited and hope to make everyone proud. I’ll be showing next 15th to 18th of July, so fingers crossed. I’m also riding a few more horses for someone, so that’s exciting too, and I will be competing with them also.
Below there’s a photo shoot I did with the amazing Ana Marta Loura as always, promoting my new gear and equipment. And there is also a video that is being displayed everyday in the store.

For all the photos go to her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.678505488829588.1073741847.583788794967925&type=3



Thank you guys and see you later.

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