Hi there, and welcome

Hi, and welcome to my new blog, This Equestrian.
I’m Renata Vieira born on 7/2/1993, and since basically then I’ve been completely addicted to horses. Better that than drugs right? (Probably more expensive though).
I’ve been riding since I was 8, and in the year 2014 I started training alone, having a lesson here and there of course. I do basically a bit of everything ,showjumping, dressage, ridden classes… But since I’m not fortunate enough to have loads of money I train my home-bread horses and compete them, having a part-time job alongside to try and do that as often as possible.

Picture from a photoshoot I will soon reveal.
Photos taken from Ana Marta Loura Equestrian Photography.

Witch leads me to present you my main man, El Capiton do Baixo Vouga also know as Capi, he’s a lovely Lusitano stallion, raised and trained by me, the love of my life basically. I have some other horses but mainly for breeding purposes, in fact they are my dad’s (also Capi is too) but they’re mine I don’t care haha!
I’m not going to bore you with the needy amateur wanting to be professional rider speech, in fact I’m going to let you see for yourselves what me and Capi are capable of, and let make your own ┬áconclusions.
Never gave up on my dream, and never will, ambition and persistence is how dreams come true, so that’s my plan.

Hope you like this and be sure to message/ comment any time, and while we’re at it be sure to follow me in all my social media.

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